Graphically Speaking by Kat Kan

Graphically Speaking by Katharine Kan

(In February, June, and October issues since 1994; in every issue from October 2002 onward)

Graphically Speaking features action-packed reviews of comics and graphic novels by Katharine Kan. Kan has been reading comics for almost six decades and writing about them for about a quarter-century. She works as a collection development selector specializing in graphic novels for Brodart, reviews children’s and teen graphic novels, and conducts occasional workshops on graphic novels. She works part time as a school librarian in a PreK-grade 8 school, where many of the students love to read graphic novels. and comics. Kan is also a grandmother to two boys whom she has already started to indoctrinate about comics.



  1. Clynell Reinschmiedt says:

    I am looking for a “tight” graphic novel evaluation criteria checklist for my graduate students (YA Lit course).  I’ve devised my own from reading essays by in various professional journals, but I ran across your name and thought you might could help.  I am not happy with what I have–too generic, bland.  Thank you for your help. Clynell Reinschmiedt, University of Central Oklahoma

  2. Kat Kan says:

    If you go to, you can find the guidelines I use at Brodart, where I’m the graphic novel selector. “Overall quality” includes how well the text and art work together to tell the story as well as the physical quality of the book-binding, glue, paper.

    I hope this helps you.

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