The First Freedom by Cathi Dunn MacRae

The First Freedom by Cathi Dunn MacRae

(June 2011 to present, in every issue)

Cathi Dunn MacRae,  editor of VOYA Magazine from April 1997 to October 2007, returns with a column about intellectual freedom for teens. MacRae’s mission is “to prepare youth advocates as intellectual freedom activists who enable youth to advocate for themselves.” MacRae spent twenty years as a young adult librarian in four public libraries while reviewing and writing for VOYA. From 1988 to 1995 she wrote “The Young Adult Perplex” for Wilson Library Bulletin and is author of Presenting Young Adult Fantasy Fiction (Twayne, 1998). Her trainings and speeches for YA librarians emphasize youth participation, and her passion is working with teens and their writing. In 2007 she became a freelance editor and writer. An ALA/YALSA member since 1982, she lives in Annapolis, Maryland.


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  1. Hurray, Cathi! It is so wonderful to see you will be back in VOYA! Everyone will be excited and appreciative as you share your knowledge and expertise about the vital subject of intellectual freedom. Congratulations on the column–looking very forward to it!