Nonfiction Honor List 2010

Publishers submitted nearly one hundred thirty books for the Nonfiction Honor List 2010 committee’s consideration. To arrive at the selected list librarians, teachers, and middle grade students read and discussed each of these books. These conversations were invigorating and we all grew as a result of the exchanges. The assembled list offers middle grade readers a wide variety of topics, formats, and approaches. The committee aimed to have a list that would respond to the range of interests and needs of middle grade readers. A large number of books were nominated by Canadian publishers and you will find a few of these in our list. They offer important new perspectives on history and culture that will prepare young adolescents to be global citizens. Poetry is well represented this year providing a unique vantage point on the human experience including loss and love. We hope these titles spark inquiry and exploration for years to come.

Click here to download the Nonfiction Honor List 2010.



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