Be a Part of VOYA’s 100 Best Teen Programs!

VOYA is compiling a book of the 100 Best Teen Programs!

You are invited to share your BEST teen program in this new collection to be published by VOYA Press, an imprint of E. L. Kurdyla Publishing, LLC. The following questionnaire will help you provide the needed information about your program. Please fill out the questionnaire as completely as possible and email as a Word attachment, along with your high resolution photos in jpg attachment, with “100 Programs” and your last name in the subject line to or snail mail to RM Honnold, 1746 Cambridge RD., Coshocton, OH 43812. The deadline for submission is December 31, 2011.

The 100 Best Teen Programs

Compiled by RoseMary Honnold for VOYA Press

Your Contact Information

  1. Your name and title:
  2. Your email address (if you change your email address during the compilation of this book, please send your new email address to me):
  3. Your library’s name and mailing address:

Your Best Teen Program

  1. Name of your program:
  2. Type of program:
  3. Purpose of your program (entertainment, education, etc):
  4. Why do you feel this is your best program?
  5. Number of times you have offered this program:
  6. What day of the week and time of day works best for this program?
  7. Expenses and funding sources:
  8. Supplies needed and resources for supplies:
  9. Adult staff needed:
  10. Teen volunteers needed:
  11. Other teen participation:
  12. Library collection connection:
  13. Developmental Assets connection?
  14. Publicity tips (do you have a flyer or poster photo to send?)
  15. A step by step how to do it:
  16. Feedback from teen participants:
  17. Photos of the program. Please add captions and photo credits for each photo submitted.
  18. Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for contributing to this project!


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