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Tag Team Tech: Wrestling with Teens and Technology Archives

Tag Team Tech: Wrestling with Teens and Technology by Kelly Czarnecki and Janice Scurio. Two teen services librarians take turns following technology issues with teens. Past writers are Linda W. Braun, Joyce Kasman Valenza, and Sarah Ludwig. (In every issue; in e-voya only as of August 2005.)


czarnecki-headshot-used-with-permission Kelly Czarnecki is the manager of the Loft in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has written extensively on teens and technology in libraries and teaches online classes for American Library Association. In her spare time, she enjoys learning how to grill, watching the Chicago Bulls, and training for her next triathlon.
scurio Janice Scurio is a teen services librarian in Madison, Wisconsin. With an extensive background in information technology, she has served as an expert advisor for other libraries looking to implement more youth STEM programming, such as Minecraft and LEGO robotics. When not at the library, she enjoys karaoke, eating sushi, running marathons, and making fun electronic music.


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December 2017: Making the Case for the Portable Makerspace [1] by Janice Scurio

October 2017: Embracing Technology in Escape Rooms [2] by Kelly Czarnecki

August 2017: High Tech Programming on a Low Tech Budget [3] by Janice Scurio

June 2017: Building with Bloxels [4] by Kelly Czarnecki

April 2017: Mindful Technology: Using Apps and Gadgets in Mindfulness Programming [5] by Janice Scurio

February 2017: Screen Time: Finding the Balance [6] by Kelly Czarnecki


December 2016: It’s Instrumental – Making Musical Instruments at the Library [7] by Janice Scurio

October 2016: Out of the Box Robotics [8] by Kelly Czarnecki

August 2016: Library of Legends: Implementing Multiplayer Online Gaming for Teens [9] by Janet Scurio

June 2016: Coding in Libraries [10] by Kelly Czarnecki

April 2016: Tournament of Champions [11] by Janice Scurio

February 2016: Social Media: It Takes a Village to Engage an Audience, Especially Teens [12] by Kelly Czarnecki


December 2015: Sound Matters: Apps, Gadgets, and Music Programming [13] by Janice Scurio

October 2015: Technology Kits [14] by Kelly Czarnecki

August 2015: Thinking about Implementing 3D Design and Modeling Tools at Your Library? [15] by Kelly Czarnecki

June 2015: Developing a Technology-Focused Outcome-Based Program [16] by Kelly Czarnecki

April 2015: Databases: Making the Case with Kids [17] by Joyce Kasman Valenza

February 2015: Best Apps for Teens, Winter 2015 [18] by Sarah Ludwig


December 2014: Teach Students to Evaluate Information [19] by Sarah Ludwig

October 2014: App Smashing [20] by Jayce Kasman Valenza

August 2914: no article

June 2014: Minecraft in the Classroom [21] by Sarah Ludwig

April 2014: Youth Librarians and Their Pinterest Practice [22] by Joyce Kasman Valenza

February 2014: Minecraft I [23] by Sarah Ludwig


December 2013: The Paid Apps Teens Will Love in Winter 2013-2014 [24] by Sarah Ludwig

October 2013: A Copyright-friendly Toolkit for Makers and Other Media Creators [25] by Joyce Kasman Valenza

August 2013: Using Vine in the Library [26] by Sarah Ludwig

June 2013: Wikispaces Is More than Just a Wiki [27] by Sarah Ludwig

April 2013: On MOOCs and Badges [28] by Joyce Kasman Valenza

February 2013: The Whole Word at your Fingertips: Google Earth in the Library [29] by Sarah Ludwig


December 2012: App to School [30] by Sarah Ludwig

October 2012: The Flipping Librarian [31] by Joyce Kasman Valenza

August 2012: Keeping it All Straight: Using Evernote to Stay Organized [32]by Sarah Ludwig

June 2012: The Marriage of Words and Pictures [33] by Sarah Ludwig

April 2012: Infographics as an Infolit Product [34] by Joyce Kazman Valenza

February 2012: Beyond the Book Talk [35] by Sarah Ludwig


December 2011: Scratching Beneath the Surface: Digital Storytelling [36] by Sarah Ludwig

October 2011: In My Network Confession . . . [37] by Joyce Kasman Valenza

August 2011: 10 Alternatives to the Traditional Slide Show [38] by Sarah Ludwig

June 2011: Team Building with Video Projects [39] by Sarah Ludwig

April 2011: My Perpetual Pursuit of the Perfect Pathfinder Platform [40] by Joyce Kasman Valenza

February 2011: I Am Not a Computer Whiz [41] by Sarah Ludwig


December 2010: Bullying: Is Technology to Blame? [42] by Linda W. Braun

October 2010: Manifesto for 21st Century Librarians [43] by By Joyce Kasman Valenza

August 2010: Embeddable Information: QR Codes and Libraries [44] by Linda W. Braun

June 2010: Social Networking + Librarians = Web-Based Homework Help for Teens [45] by Linda W. Braun

April 2010:  Evolving the Virtual School Library and Deconstructing the Essentials [46] by Joyce Kasman Valenza

February 2010: A Decade of Teens, Libraries, and Technology [47] by Linda W. Braun


December 2009: Real-Time Search Revolution [48] by Linda W. Braun

October 2009: High School Seniors and Social Networking [49] by Joyce Kazman Valenza

August 2009: I Wish I’d Said [50] by Linda W. Braun

June 2009: Social Networking Would Have Made Me Smarter [51] by Linda W. Braun

April 2009: A Letter to My Seniors [52] by Joyce Kazman Valenza

February 2009: The Air That They Breathe [53] by Linda W. Braun


December 2008: Using Technology to Market Teen Library Programs & Services: Is a Web Site the Answer? by [54] Linda W. Braun

October 2008: Reading 2.0: Getting the Gears to Work in Harmony [55] by Joyce Kazman Valenza

August 2008: Networked Elections: An Update [56] by Linda W. Braun

June 2008: Are You Ready for Your Close-Up? [57] Linda W. Braun

April 2008: Kids and Information Spaces: On the Stickiness of Widgets [58] by Joyce Kazman Valenza

February 2008: How Do You Keep Up? [59] by Linda W. Braun


December 2007: Snack-Size Blogging [60] by Linda W. Braun

October 2007: Booktalking 2.0 [61] by Joyce Kazman Valenza

August 2007: Avatars and Beyond: Building Virtual Communities with Teen Libraries [62] by Linda W. Braun

June 2007: Networked Elections [63] by Linda W. Braun

April 2007: “Open the Door and Let ‘Em In” [64] by Joyce Kazman Valenza

February 2007: Laptop Lounging: Creating Comfortable, Well-Equipped Technology Space [65] by Linda W. Braun


December 2006: Information Delivery to Your Desktop [66] by Linda W. Braun

October 2006: You Know You’re a Twenty-First Century Teacher-Librarian If… [67] by Joyce Kazman Valenza

August 2006: Keeping Secrets [68] by Linda W. Braun

June 2006: Seeing Is Believing: Teens and Online Video [69] by Linda W. Braun

April 2006: They Might be Gurus: Teen Information-Seeking Behavior [70] by Joyce Kazman Valenza

February 2006: A Torrent of Free Downloads, or Who Cares If It’s Legal [71] by Linda W. Braun


December 2005: The Making of My Own Cafe [72] by Linda W. Braun

October 2005: Something Wiki This Way Comes [73] by Joyce Kazman Valenza

August 2005: Playing Keep Up with Emerging Technologies [74] by Linda W. Braun

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