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Meulen headshotElectronic Eye by Kathleen Meulen Ellison. Kathleen Meulen Ellison has been a teacher-librarian for over two decades both in New York City and in the Pacific Northwest.  She currently works at Bainbridge High School on Bainbridge Island in Washington and can be reached at kellison@bisd303.org. She was the 2013 recipient of the New York Times/Carnegie Corporation’s “I Love My Librarian” award.  Electronic Eye gives in-depth reviews of online databases and other resources for school and public libraries and reports on trends in the world of information.

(In evoya only as of August 2005.)


December 2017

August 2017: Diving Deep:  Accessing Information Using the Statista Portal [1]

April 2017: Defining Moments by Omnigraphics [2]


December 2016: Making Sense of History: Historical Databases for Research and Study [3]

August 2016: Subscription Video Streaming Services [4]

April 2016: ImagineEasy Scholar [5]


December 2015: Screencasting in the Library: Using Online Video Creation Tools with Young Adults [6]

August 2015: EBSCO EXPLORA [7]

April: Making Information Into a Visual Story:  Piktochart and PowToons [8]


December 2014: Supporting Young Writer’s Using Online Communities: Storybird.com and Figment.com [9]

August 2014: Find Time for Code! [10]

April 2014: Poets Online [11]


December 2013: EasyBib MyBib Pro: Yet Another Evolution for this Popular Research Tool [12]

August 2013: Common Core and Online Resources – Changes to eLibrary and eLibrary Curriculum Edition [13] 

April 2013: Sheltered Social Networking and the Library:  Journeys with Edmodo, Go Animate and My Big Campus [14]


December 2012: Rosen Learning Center: Teen Cyber Smarts and Financial Literacy [15]

August 2012: Catalist Digital [16]

April 2012: QUESTIA and QUESTIA SCHOOL [17]


December 2011: Electronic Audio State of Flux: Transferring from NetLibrary to Audiobooks on EBSCOhost [18]

August 2011: Follett Shelf: An eBook Solution for School Libraries? [19]

April 2011: ProQuest Migration [20]


December 2010: Electronic Audio: Looking for Success [21]

August 2010: Rise of the App: How Smartphones and Tablet Computers Will Impact How Young Adults Find Information [22]

April 2010: Can the Web Make You a Better Writer? Online Resources to Assist the Writing Process [23]


December 2009: Web 2.0, Social Networking, and the YouTube Generation [24]

August 2009: Streaming Updates – Discovery Education vs. Safari Montage [25]

April 2009: Video Editing Software [26]


December 2008: Tools for Researchers: EasyBib and Chunk It [27]

August 2008: Replacing the Textbooks [28]

April 2008: Redesigns and Release 2.0s [29]


December 2007: All Things Historical [30]

August 2007: Video Revolution [31]

April 2007: The Road to Wellness: Teen Health Information Resources [32]


December 2006: Keeping Up with Current Issues [33]

August 2006: News Archives—A Much-Needed Historical Perspective [34]

April 2006: Keep Them Reading This Summer: Self-Paced Reading Incentive Programs [35]


December 2005: Age Appeal in Interfaces: What Will Users Choose? [36]

August 2005: It’s Not About the iPod [37]

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