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img_2345YA Clicks: Web Sites for Young Adults and Their Librarians by Jessica Farrow (since October 2016) and the Web Surfers from the Central Rappahannock Regional Library. Website reviews that juxtapose a librarian’s viewpoint with those of teens. (In e-voya only as of August 2005.)

Jessica Farrow is a youth services librarian with the Central Rappahannock Regional Library system in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She has a Masters in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University. 




October 2018:

June 2018:

February 2018:


October 2017: Giving More than You Get

June 2017: Summer School

February 2017: Code Crazy


October 2016: Voting and Teen Voices

June 2016: Create!

February 2016:  Keeping It Together


October 2015: Geek Out!

June 2015: Anime, Graphic Novels, and Manga, Oh My!

February 2015: The Future Is Now


October 2014: Empowering Teens

June 2014: Connecting with Books and Authors

February 2014: Trendwatching 101


October 2013Homework Help

June 2013: Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

February 2013Creating in the Library


October 2012Elections and Advocacy for Teens

June 2012: STEM Fun

February 2012: How’d They Do That? Making Your Own Viral Media


October 2011: Let the School Year Begin!

June 2011: QR Codes

February 2011: There IS an App for That!


October 2010: Just for You: Library Blogs

June 2010: Literacy Sites

February 2010: Believe it or Not?  The Weird and Wonderful World of the Truth, Lies and Outright Speculation


October 2009: Teens Publish: Sites for Teen Writers

June 2009: How to Be Cool on Facebook

February 2009: Watch It!


October 2008: Get Active!

June 2008: Bored? Online Fun for the Summertime Blues

February 2008: It’s All Fun and Games!


October 2007: Homework Help

June 2007: Fun, Fun, Fun!

February 2007: Getting to Know You: Teens Connecting Online


October 2006: Do You Blog? A New Way to Reach Teens

June 2006: Books Online: Web Sites for Everything Book

February 2006: Free and Legal: Music Web Sites for Every Teen



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