Teen Pop Culture Quiz Update #38 December 2012

Erin Helmrich

December 2012


1. Hot one minute and cold the next! What’s the current status of these couples?

1. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez                       a. Dating for the moment
2. Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattison             b. Married!
3. Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake                c. Engaged
4. Taylor Swift & Harry Styles
5. Katy Perry & John Mayer
6. Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively
7. Evan Rachel Wood & Jamie Bell

2. Match the famous couple on the left with their recent new addition’s name on the right:

1. Drew Barrymore                                                               a. Tennessee
2. Sarah Michelle Geller & Freddy Prinze Jr.      b. Magnus
3. Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott                          c. Olive
4. Elizabeth Banks & Max Handelman                    d. Rocky
5. Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth                             e. Finn

3. Young teen TV star Ariel Winter is involved in family dispute alledging abuse by her mother. What show does Ariel star on?

a. Gossip Girl        b. Glee        c. Modern Family        d. 2 Broke Girls

4. Beating several popular competitors which word below became the OED’s 2012 “Word of the Year?”

a. Nomophobia   b. GIF   c. Superstorm    d. MOOC

5. Hostess sent fans of junk “food” into a tailspin when they threatened to liquidate the company. Which product below is NOT a Hostess snack?

a. Twinkie   b. Zingers  c. Sno Ball  d. Ding Dongs  e. Swiss Roll


6. Match the performer on the left with their latest Album title on the right:

1. Ke$ha    – Die Young                          a. RED
2. One  Direction  – Take Me Home      b. Unapologetic
3. Maroon 5   – Overexposed                 c. Die Young
4. Ne-Yo — R.E.D.                                   d. R.E.D.
5. Taylor Swift  – RED                             e. Take Me Home
6. Rihanna – Unapologetic                     f. Overexposed

7. PSY is the genius behind the addictive sound of the song “Gangnam Style” What country is PSY from?

a. China  b. Japan  c. South Korea  d. Thailand

8. During the recent American Music Awards PSY was joined onstage by a blast from the past for his performance of Gangnam Style. Who rocked the house with him onstage?

a. Vanilla Ice  b. MC Hammer  c. LL Cool J  d. Run DMC


9. The YPulse blog recently surveyed 400 millenials from ages 14-34 asking who best “represents your generation?” Who was not on the top of this listt?

a. Myself  b. Mark Zuckerberg  c. Lady Gaga  d. Taylor Swift  e. Justin Beiber   f. Lindsay Lohan

10. The Millenial generation (the older end of the spectrum) are nostalgiac for all things 90s! Which recently noted Halloween costume retro-rewinds isn’t from the 90s?

a. Where’s Waldo?  b. Rugrats  c. Ms. Frizzle d. Saved by the Bell e. Veronica Mars


Give yourself five points for each correct answer. Each component of a multiple choice counts as one point. A perfect score is 53.

43 – 53        You’re a  4-star General AND you know that nothing stays secret online!
33 – 42        You wrote a biography of a powerful man and DIDN’T have an affair with him.
23 – 32        You’re not impressed by a Real Housewife of Tampa Bay.
0 – 22          Your twin sister just got arrested!


1:1a,2a,3b,4a,5a,6c, 7b; 2:1c,2d,3e,4b,5a; 3c; 4b; 5e; 6: 1c,2e,3f,4d,5a,6b; 7c; 8b; 9f; 10e

Erin Helmrich is a Teen and IT/Production librarian at the Ann Arbor District Library in Michigan. In addition to creating exciting library programs & experiences for young and old, she gets to play with new technology, and work on social media – particularly loving Pinterest .  Her first book, Create, Relate, and Pop @ the Library Services and Programs for Teens & Tweens, was published in 2011. She’s currently obsessed with Fab.com, cat behavior and hibiscus tea.. Contact Erin at erinhelmrich@gmail.com.


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