Teen Pop Culture Quiz Update # 39

Erin Helmrich

April 2013


1. After taking seven years off from recording music, Justin Timberlake returned with a splash in 2013. What hasn’t J.T. done recently?

a. Hosted Saturday Night live for the fifth time (joining the five-timers club).

b. Performed “The History of Rap 4” with Jimmy Fallon, culminating Timberweek.

c. Announced a twelve-city tour with Jay-Z.

d. Released his third album, The 20/20 Experience.

e. Released a duet with Kanye West called “Integrity”


2. Hot one minute and cold the next! What’s the current status of these couples?

a. Miley Cyrus and  Liam Hemsworth                            1. Pregnant!

b. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson                            2. Break-Up!

c. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian                               3. Engaged?

d. Ryan Seacrest and Juliann Hough


3. With thanks to an electric performance on Saturday Night Live, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are on the charts with their hit “Thrift Shop” featuring Wanz. What city is Macklemore from?

a. Detroit

b. New Orleans

c. Seattle

d. New York

e. Phoenix


4. This 2012 song by Baauer is #1 on the charts because of the video meme of people dancing, but they’re not doing the 1981 original form of this dance because most weren’t born yet.  There are well over 40,000 versions of the thirty-second videos on YouTube.  It’s called the ________ Shake.


5. Spring Breakers is a recent indie movie featuring Disney Channel darlings changing their image. Who isn’t in this film?

a. Selena Gomez

b. Ashley Benson

c. James Franco

d. Bella Thorne

e. Vanessa Hudgens


6. Striking a win for fans and proving that the landscape of movie funding has changed, this cult TV show successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign (in ten hours!) to make a movie to continue the story after it was cancelled after three seasons. What’s the show?

a. Felicity

b. Veronica Mars

c. Arrested Development

d. Buffy the Vampire Slayer


7. Justin Bieber’s halo is officially gone and the tides are turning against his squeaky clean reputation. Which story below hasn’t been in the news of late?

a. Insulted Lindsay Lohan online, making her mad at him.

b. Flipped out and dropped the F-bomb at the paparazzi.

c. Enraged attendees (lots of parents) at his recent London concert for going on almost two hours late on a school night.

d. Locked in an elevator for one hour after hitting all of the buttons in a rage.

e. Photographed rolling blunts, near cups of sizzurp and suspected of smoking pot.


8. Hollywood continues to turn to teen lit for the next great movie. Which book has not moved further along the production pipeline?

a. Anna Dressed in Blood

b. The Book Thief

c. The Graveyard Book

d. Divergent

e. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian



9. Most of the most popular apps among teens are about sharing photos or messaging. Match the app on the left with the description on the right:

a. Kik             b. Vine          c. Snapchat

1. Acquired by Twitter, this app allows users to create and post six-second videos.

2. Photo-sharing that allows users to share a pic for “only” ten seconds—screenshots can be taken during the ten seconds it appears on someone’s phone.

3. A free messaging service that can be used on iPods in addition and smart phones.


10. From synthetic drugs to old-school joints and dangerous drinks, it’s a strange and confusing landscape for teens and parents. Match the drug term on the left with its definition on the right.

a. Bath Salts

b. Blunt

c. Sizzurp

d. K2

1. Slang term for marijuana mixed with tobacco and rolled in tobacco-leaf wrapper from a type of cigar with the same name.

2.  Recreational drug—drink with the main ingredient of prescription-strength cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine. Often mixed with Sprite and Mountain Dew and a Jolly Rancher candy.

3. Synthetic cannabis is a psychoactive designer drug derived from natural herbs sprayed with synthetic chemicals that, when consumed, allegedly mimic the effects of cannabis.

4. Bath salts resemble their namesake, but are actually a family of synthetic drugs containing substituted cathiones. The effects are similar to amphetamines and cocaine, but are often volatile and unpredictable. Usually legal, their ingredients change constantly making them difficult to ban.



Give yourself five points for each correct answer. Each component of a multiple choice question counts as one point. A perfect score is 46.


36- 46    Bring on the showers and the flowers!

25- 35    You forgot your umbrella, but you still have a raincoat—Spring it on!

15-34     You slipped in the mud and missed all the news.

0-14        Prince was right: Sometimes it does snow in April!



1: 1e; 2: a3,b1,c1,d2; 3: c; 4: Harlem; 5: d; 6: b; 7: d; 8: e; 9: a3,b1,c2; 10: a4,b1,c2,d3

Helmrich headshot, used with permissionErin Helmrich is a teen and IT/production librarian at the Ann Arbor District Library in Michigan. She gets the best of both worlds with a job that lets her play with pop-culture through programs, large-scale events, social media, digital publishing, and gaming.  Her book, Create, Relate, and Pop @ the Library: Services and Programs for Teens & Tweens (Neal-Schuman), was published in 2011. She’s currently obsessed with the iPhone/iPad game Pixel People, cooking and baking with lemons (from the Lemon Zest cookbook), eating at the new Vietnamese restaurant that just opened near her house, and the Dear Prudence advice column on slate.com.  Contact Helmrich at erinhelmrich@gmail.com.


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