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The Collected Wit and Wisdom of Dorothy M. Broderick

DB cover [1]Anthony Bernier, Editor

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ISBN:   978-1-61751-027-4

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260 pp

Pub   Date:  Summer 2013

Dorothy Broderick was a seminal figure in the development of library services, particularly services to young adults and teens, in the second half of the twentieth century. She was an articulate advocate for intellectual freedom and fought against censorship.  As editor-in-chief of Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) magazine, which she co-founded with Mary K Chelton, Broderick wrote some 100 editorials, a mix of incisive analysis or arguments and trenchant commentary often punctuated with subtle and not-so subtle humor. The editorials, collected here for the first time, are complimented by original essays about Broderick by leading professionals.  Dr. Betty Turock addresses Broderick’s longevity as a fearless, irresistible, and challenging teacher chiefly of professional young adult librarians. Patty Campbell draws upon scores of letters and documents to create a portrait of Broderick as a challenging and humorous personality and defender of the intellectual freedom of youth and their access to library services. The book’s editor, Dr. Anthony Bernier, introduces Broderick as a pivotal historical figure in youth services and LIS in general – one emerging out of LIS’s historical commitments to institutional agendas and into a vision of the library as better connected to contemporary cultural affairs with commitments to the public’s desires.

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