VOYA’s Nonfiction Honor List 2012

NF pageInspirational stories from history, fashion, justice and injustice, self-help, the natural world, and money are topics in the 2012 Nonfiction Honor List. These books were selected after significant input from middle grade students and teachers. Some will appeal to a broad group of students, while others will appeal to a select group of students. Each selection has something special to offer the reader. The list was originally published in VOYA August 2013. Click on the image at the left to read or download the full list.



  1. Mary Fuller says:


    We just received the August 2014, Volume 37, Number 3. Last year you had the VOYA’s Nonfiction Honor List in that issue. We are looking for the list for 2013. Could you provide us with a link or advise if the Nonfiction Honor List is published in another edition?

    Thank you.

    Mary Fuller
    Content Acquisitions Specialist

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  2. Hi, Mary,

    This year, the list is in the October issue.

    RoseMary Honnold

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