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Bernier headshot [1]YA Strike Zone became an evoya feature October 2014.

Anthony Bernier is full Professor at San Jose State University’s School of Information where he teaches, conducts research, and publishes on the administration of equitable services with young people. A fourteen-year YA specialist librarian and veteran administrator, he is a former chair of YALSA’s New Directions Task Force, served a four-year term on ALA’s Committee on Accreditation (COA), and published a Festschrift honoring VOYA co-founder Dorothy M. Broderick. He lives in Oakland, California, and rides a BMW R1150RT.



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December 2017: The “Secret Sauce” of a YA Professional: The Job Description [2]

October 2017: “Members” Now: Citizens Later? [3]

August 2017: Beyond the Celebrations [4]

June 2017: YA Activism: Thunder from the Left (and the Right) [5]

April 2017: No Safe Space Haven in a Public World [6]

February 2017: Reviving “Rubin” [7]


December 2016: YALSA’s Cynical Heart: Reproducing the Adultist Agenda [8]

October 2016: Flaming Youth Has Become a Flaming Question [9]

August 2016: Born or Made [10]

June 2016: “Maker Space” Cabal: The Challenges and Obstacles to Our Latest Overextension [11]

April 2016:  The Coming of the Post-Teen “Young Adult” [12]

February 2016: The Global Pulse: International Influences on YA Practice [13]


December 2015: The Weeding Wars: More Battles of YA Services under another Name [14]

October 2015: The Future’s Not Ours to See [15]

August 2015: The Emerging Youth Suffrage Movement! [16]

June 2015: Reimagining the YA Volunteer [17]

April 2015: Beneath the Carnegie Library Wheel [18]

February 2015: Reflections on Dr. Mary K. Chelton’s Retirement [19]


December 2014The Not-So-Great YA Space Debate [20]

October 2014Toward a YA Key Performance Indicator and Making Our Own Strike Zone [21]


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