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The Future Is Now

Rebecca Purdy and the Web Surfers from the Central Rappahannock Regional Library

Planning for the future means taking action today and young adult librarians are an important component of helping teen customers find their place in the larger world. Many of the activities and interactions we already offer support the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents (ages 12-18), but even in a world of tight budgets and limited programming, we can do more. One of our library’s budget survival techniques is to enlist outside presenters whenever possible. These community partners can be utilized to talk about college planning, job searching, and finances.

Many libraries rely heavily on teen volunteers and develop a wonderful rapport with these creative, hard-working, dedicated, and passionate young people. Typically, we are their first bosses so the mantle of basic job training falls on us. Mistakes and minor discrepancies are inevitable, but by ignoring what are considered fireable offenses in the real world, we aren’t serving as mentors. We have a responsibility to address larger issues if they arise. Even if the chances are slim that they’ll be making die cuts in their next job, by gently, firmly, and directly guiding them, we can help create responsible employees.

We can also involve teens in our efforts to embrace and introduce our customers to 21st century skills. Last summer, specially trained teens demonstrated our 3-D printer in our MakerLab. Brooklyn Public Library offers some exceptional opportunities that you can read more about in the last review of this column. The Web Surfers, teens themselves,  have researched some websites that you can guide teens towards that support their preparations. Libraries have an exciting and vital role to play in many aspects of preparing teens for their future.

Through YA Eyes

Adventures in Education


5I 4R 5U


I remember when my older sister was applying for college and feeling so lost. If only she knew about this website beforehand. It is so resourceful because it tells you exactly how you can apply to colleges and what kind of requirements they have regarding examinations and grades. College can be so costly that having a plan is necessary and this website gives examples of many forms of financial aid, including applying for  scholarships, and loans. Besides help with college, AIE also shows us how we can prepare for a career by writing resumes, going job hunting, and even how you can score yourself an interview! This website is full of great information that I would recommend for young adults in high school. –Hafsah Hussain

CareerOneStop: Students and Career Advisor

U.S. Department of Labor

5I 5R 5U


CareerOneStop is a wonderful source which allows people to explore possible career options. Users can look into benefits and salaries and understand what kind of education and training is required. It also provides plenty of information on conducting job searches, with tips on what people can do to better their resumes and have a successful interview. I would recommend this for high school students and young adults who are looking into college but are not sure of what they want to do. Because this website offers a lot of information on different occupations, it is a wonderful source for people to look at when considering a career. –Anum Hussain

5I 3R 4U


If you’re looking for an easy way to identify your interests, find a career that suits you  and start that career, this is the website for you. While it lacks eye-catching graphics, CareerOneStop makes up for it with useful information that will help you start a lifelong career, find work experience, and even education options. It shows you things like salaries, benefits, training,and even how to make a resume. This website is very easy to navigate and is very organized and accessible. It allows you to choose a state in which you wish to explore job opportunities and can even be translated into Spanish! CareerOneStop also has Twitter and Facebook, and allows you to share on multiple websites, like Tumblr. I highly recommend you use this website, whether it’s for a school paper or you’re looking for a career field in which to specialize, CareerOneStop is something definitely worth looking into! –Brooke Robertson

CollegePrep 101

Lance A. Millis

5I 4R 5U

J  S

IMPORTANT: Remember to leave your pets at home when going to college (fish are somewhat okay). This is one of the many useful tips of what (and what not) to bring that is listed on the CollegePrep 101 website. I am a high school senior and could use all of the help I can get and CollegePrep 101 offers me just the right amount. The navigation bars are easy to find, always listed at the top and on the side of any information page you visit, and all of the information is very accessible and easy to understand. The website covers a wide range of topics, from college planning checklists to an inside look at a day in the life of real college students. I particularly enjoyed the advice on how to save money. Paying for college can seem like a daunting task, but this website breaks down the difficult process with honest facts and applicable advice. The only slight drawback I found with this website was the ads; while there weren’t many, I find ads in general to be distracting. I also enjoy fun, attractively designed websites since it keeps me from getting bored too quickly, and I think CollegePrep 101 should implement some fun colors or graphics to engage younger visitors. Overall, this website is very informational and makes preparing for college much less worrisome! –Amelia Spahn

5I 5R 5U


This website is a wonderful tool that I think will be beneficial for all high school juniors and seniors. Because I am the oldest child, I did not have much guidance when it came to college, and had to do a lot of research and figuring out on my own. This website offers plenty of information on how to plan and what you need to know regarding terminology and other essentials, including dealing with money, books, testing, and even what college life is like. If I had known about this website beforehand, it would have made things easier to understand and would have allowed me to have a smoother transition.  Overall, this offers a great insight on what to expect in college. –Anum Hussain

Youth at Work

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

5I 5U 5R


Sadly, in our world to this day, discrimination still exists and can negatively impact a person’s chance of receiving a job. Youth at Work offers insight on what workforce discrimination is, discusses the law regarding this, and what we should know about our rights and responsibilities. If someone is experiencing workplace discrimination, they can refer to this website to understand how they can file a complaint, as well as how they can participate to help prevent this from ocurring to other individuals. –Anum Hussain


U. S. Department of Labor

5I 4R 5U


Are you ready for your first official job, not the jobs your parents pay you to do, like babysitting or cutting the grass, but a real job? A job that you have to apply and interview for and where you earn a paycheck? YouthRules is the site for you! The website has tons of information that can help you prepare for your first job and can help you learn what you may not have known in your past jobs. This website is quick and easy to use, helping you understand the 21st century workforce and be ahead of the game. YouthRules has so many different features to help you when you need it. Would you like to know some of the laws and regulations keeping you safe in the workplace? YouthRules gives you some of the rules for 14-18 year olds regarding payment and the number of hours you may work in a day and even breaks them down by state. This interactive website should be all the help you need, but it is not only an easy site to use. You can hear stories from other teens and even post your own videos sharing your experiences. YouthRules is a fun and informative website and I encourage you to use it to help you understand the rules that keep teens safe in the workplace. –Ciera Negron

Kudos for Library Teen Sites


Brooklyn (NY) Public Library (BPL)

The TeenZone first came to my attention because of the impressive amount of offerings that teens can take advantage of now, but also will help them prepare for the future. BPL offers several subpages directing teens to local information: the self-explanatory “Job Placement & Counseling for Young Adults” as well as “Opportunities Abound” which provides information on colleges, internships, and contests. The library itself has made some incredible partnerships, allowing it to offer some wonderful 21st century job/volunteer opportunities.  Teens aged 14-18 can apply to be a T4 (Today’s Teens Tomorrow’s Techies) volunteer, working as assistants in library computer labs and even helping to troubleshoot “more advanced technology programs.”  The BCAP (Brooklyn Cultural Adventures Program) summer program, open to 13-17 year olds, blends “digital media and communications, personal and professional skills, and youth leadership.” Other remarkable and inspiring elements that warrant further perusal are an eBook publication of their 2014 Teen Writing Contest, recommended financial resources, and a Teen Virtual Investment Club.

Purdy headshot, used with permission Rebecca Purdy is the youth services coordinator for the Central Rappahannock Regional Library system in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  The Web Surfers are a collection of teens willing to volunteer some of their time to see their names in print and help young adult librarians find good sites to share on their library blogs, social media, and websites.


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