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Sci Fi on the Fly: A Guide to Science Fiction for Young Adults

Sci Fi on the Fly: A Reader’s Guide to Science Fiction for Young Adults

Sci Fi on the Fly small [1]by Karin Perry

Foreword by Neal Schusterman

Price: $50

ISBN: 978-1-61751-033-5

Trade pb.

290 pp.

Publication date: Summer 2015

Science fiction aficionado Karin Perry shares her expertise for selecting and recommending  sci fi books that will fly off the shelves and  enthrall and delight your young adult patrons.  Recognizing that sci fi often includes the subjects, topics, and themes found in other genres, Perry includes all of those within the context of special sci fi settings.

Sci Fi on the Fly is divided into the following subgenres: Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic; Cyberpunk, Steampunk, and Biopunk; Dystopian; Extra-Sensory Perception; Robots, Androids, Cyborgs, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloning; Space and Aliens; Time Travel and Parallel Universes; Virtual Reality and Gaming; and Miscellaneous. For each book in the nine categories, Perry has included the author’s name, the book cover, the book title, full bibliographical information, a plot summary, subject listings, read alikes, and extras, such as social networking pages and booktrailers. Nearly a thousand titles are included in this work.

All of the tools included will help the librarian, teacher, parent, and young adult reader to find the right book, whether by browsing the chapters for general topics, or the subject index for specific topics. The Read Alike sections will guide readers to more books from a favorite read. The Plot Summaries will pull readers in and help them discover the appeal of science fiction.


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