Teen Pop Culture Quiz Update #48

Erin Helmrich


1.    Match the band/singer on the left with their current hit single on the right:

a.    Rihanna (feat. Drake)             1. “Dangerous Woman”

b.    Lukas Graham                        2. “Work”

c.    Twenty One Pilots                    3. “You Should Be Here”

d.    Flo Rida                                  4. “7 Years”

e.    Ariana Grande                        5. “Stressed Out”

f.     Cole Swindell                          6. “My House”

2.    Scaring the pants off Electronic Dance Music (EDM) fans, which artist just announced that he’ll be retiring after his 2016 dates–at the ripe old age of 26?

a.    David Guetta    b. Avicii    c. Skrillex  d. Deadmau5   e. Afrojack   f. Calvin Harris

3.    Kesha’s lawsuit against Sony relating to her allegations of abuse by her producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, and the February ruling that Kesha cannot invalidate her contract caused an uproar inside the industry and, in particular, other female singers came to her defense. Which of the performers below didn’t publicly come to Kesha’s defense?

a.    Adele  b. Kelly Clarkson  c. Lady Gaga  d. Taylor Swift  e. Demi Lovato f. Rihanna


4.    Despite poor reviews and intense, widespread hatred for Ben Affleck, his movie has been raking in the dough. The film is also the debut of several other live-action depictions of other superheroes. Which of the following doesn’t make an appearance?

a.    Wonder Woman  b. Aquaman   c. Green Lantern   d. Flash  e. Cyborg

5.    It may seem hard to believe, but the reign of teen dystopian novels being turned into (successful) movies may be over! Which of the following books-to-movies were not a part of the recent string of disappointments?

a.    The 5th Wave     b. The Giver   c.  The Divergent series: Allegiant — Part 1  d. Life as We Knew It


6.    In the revolving door of celebrity love, it’s always hard to keep track. Match the couple on the left with their status on the right:

a.    Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom                       1. Dating!

b.    Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth                  2. Engaged!

c.    Kristen Stewart and SoKo                              3. Broken up?

d.    Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

e.    Ciara and Russell Wilson

f.     Iggy Azalea and Nick Young

7.    After taking the Internet by storm, which adorable cat has recently become a toy empire?

a.    Lil’ Bub    b. Shironeko  c. Pusheen  d. Maru  e. Venus

8.    With 53 percent of 13-18 year olds using Snapchat, adults are finding it hard to ignore (even if they don’t understand it at all). Schools are even starting to use it to reach their students. One of its biggest stars is a bit of a surprise since they were a minor figure in the music business and their Gen X status is out of the prime Snapchat demographic. Which of the people below is Snapchat’s breakout star?

a.    DJ Khaled    b. Akon  c. Young Jeezy  d. Lil’ Kim  e. Steve Aoki

9.    Which popular, comfort food secretly changed their formula (to all natural ingredients) and then revealed the change by saying: ““We’d invite you to try it, but you already have.”

a.    Lucky Charms   b. Kraft Mac & Cheese   c. SpaghettiOs  d. Campbell’s Tomato Soup

10.  After her sales dropped another 33 percent in the fall Mattel’s attempt to revitalize the brand and keep her relevant resulted in the release of Barbies in a variety of sizes. Which of the following isn’t one of the new sizes?

a.    Tall     b. Petite    c. Curvy   d. Short


Give yourself five points for each correct answer. Each component of a multiple choice question counts as one point. A perfect score is 52.

42 – 52  Score! You pulled off the best April Fool’s Prank!

32 – 41  Nice work! You have the prettiest daffodils in town.

22 – 31 Watch out for the rain–it could flood.

0 – 21  Bummer! You fell for every foolish scam around.


1:  a2, b4, c5, d6, e1, f3 /  2b / 3f /  4c / 5d / 6: a1, b1, c1, d1, e2, f3 /  7c / 8a / 9b / 10d

Helmrich headshot, used with permissionErin Helmrich is a teen and production librarian at the Ann Arbor District Library in Michigan. She’s fortunate to get to use her love of pop-culture via programs, large-scale events, contests, social media, digital publishing, developing collections and gaming. Her book, Create, Relate and Pop @ the Library: Services and Programs for Teens and Tweens, was published in 2011. She is currently obsessed with Rain Gardens, Neko Atsume (new rare cats!) and her Mexican vacation! Contact her at erinhelmrich@gmail.com.


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