For the past two weeks, senior staff and board members at VOYA have been engaged in lively discussions about plans to address the legitimate criticisms and the heartfelt advice we received from many sectors of our audience. The disastrous social media interactions and the poorly worded review for which we were called out demanded an immediate examination of VOYA protocols. From these discussions and from quiet, organizational soul-searching, VOYA put into practice the following action plan:

  • Implement a new reviewer application and screening process, training protocols, and more stringent requirements for both new and existing reviewers.
  • Follow a professional social media plan, which includes a strategy for social media crisis management, as well as a method for responding to online queries in an accountable and professional manner.
  • Create an advisory panel of informed advocates for youth, with aspirations to represent as many of the diverse youth as we endeavor to support. The panel will provide guidance, information, and possibly content creation around issues impacting teens and those who serve them.
  • Continue to provide articles, columns, book lists, and reviews that are eminently usable for our readers with more vigor and innovation than ever before.

We are unswerving in our commitment to upholding the legacy of VOYA Magazine, and we are passionate about moving VOYA forward with the same innovative, pioneering qualities upon which it was founded.  Internal changes at VOYA designed to further our goals may not be as visible as the above action plan, but will assist with making our journal better for all of our audiences.

VOYA wants to reassure our supporters, and our detractors, that we have not strayed from our mission.  We made careless mistakes over the past two weeks, and we are authentically sorry for our actions and choices that led to those mistakes.  We are responding now in the best way possible – by putting our words into action.  We invite everyone to join us as we continue to grow and strive to do better in the future.



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