The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles Review

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Giles, Jeff. The Edge of Everything. Bloomsbury, 2017. 368p. $18.99. 978-1-61963-753-5.

edge-of-everythingSeventeen-year-old Zoe lives on a mountain in Montana with her mom and little brother, Jonah; the closest neighbor’s house is a mile away through dense forest. Having recently lost her father in a caving accident and her elderly neighbors in a bizarre and violent disappearance, Zoe’s emotions are on overload. With a blizzard approaching, her mother away in town, and Jonah missing outside, she ventures into sub-zero temperatures to find him.

Told in alternating narratives by Zoe and the supernaturally-gifted X, a bounty-hunter-of-souls from the Lowlands, Giles’s gripping tale pulls readers through a fast-paced thriller in which Zoe’s world converges with X’s, at the edge of everything. With strong characters and suspenseful scenes strung one after another, readers enter an amazing work of speculative fiction that pits good against evil, man against man, and man against nature. Frigid temperatures, extreme weather, frozen lakes, and caving combine to present almost-unbeatable odds for brave Zoe. In this wholly-engrossing page-turner, Giles convinces readers to view X as a “good guy” who hails from an isolated section of hell, only entering the surface world to collect those souls assigned to him. It is suitable for any readers who are aficionados of contemporary fiction, mystery, adventure, suspense, romance, or tales wherein determining right from wrong is difficult. Shelve multiple copies and gift this book; readers will thank you.—Cynthia Winfield.


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