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Lona Trulove

VOYA Magazine welcomes Lona Trulove to the VOYA Advisory Board.

I am not sure if books or the women who shared them with me are what started my lifelong love affair with literature.  As a child, I have fond memories of my grandmother reading a very old copy of Mother Goose to me every day for nap time.  When I got older, she read The Secret Garden to me and I was completely enthralled.  When I went to elementary school, I loved going to the library and having the librarian read aloud to us.  I would go home and line up my stuffed animals and practice holding the books so they could see and I would try and read upside down just like the librarian.  Fast forward to middle school.  In middle school, I had a wonderful literature teacher.  Not only was she young and beautiful, but she loved books and her enthusiasm was infectious.  We read and read and read.  I still remember the poem “Ozymandias” by Percy Bysshe Shelley and the short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson and the rich discussions that arose.  I was elated when she decided to move to high school with my class.  She opened the door to many great books such as A Separate Peace, Wuthering Heights, and My Name is Asher Lev. No matter what we read, she made it relevant and meaningful.  Each of these women and their love of reading had a profound effect on me and who I became.

My teaching career started in my home state of Colorado with a kindergarten class.  I then moved to Maryland and began teaching first grade.  The importance of reading to children, with children, and by children was my passion during those years.  Watching students learn to read and get excited about the world that it opened for them was powerful.  After a number of years, the middle school implemented Balanced Literacy and needed teachers with strong reading backgrounds.  I made the jump and started teaching sixth grade.  I fell in love with middle school students and spent the next fourteen years teaching language arts to sixth- through eighth-grade students.  I became a literacy coach and worked to support content teachers and literacy within their classrooms.  I am currently a county resource teacher working in three middle schools with language arts teachers in sixth through eighth grade.

I am the proud mother of three grown children and the “YaYa” of six delightful grandchildren.  I am currently working on my doctorate, and in my free time I knit, read, work on genealogy, spend time outdoors, and am learning to fly fish.

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