Teen Pop-Culture Quiz Update #53

Erin Helmrich


1.While they haven’t all been confirmed, strong rumors indicate that all but which Kardashian/Jenner sisters won’t be having a baby in 2018?

  1. Kim  b. Khloe  c. Kylie  d. Kourtney  e. Kendall

2. Mattel announced that they will release a Barbie with a hijab inspired by Ibtihaj Muhammad who made a splash at the 2016 Olympics in which sport?

  1. Tennis  b. Golf  c. Fencing   d. Archery  e. Gymnastics

3. Match the couple on the left with the current status of their relationship on the right:

  1. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend            1. Dating (again)!
  2.  Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber              2. Baby on the way!
  3. Jenny Slate and Chris Evans                      3. Married!
  4. Serena Williams and Alex Ohanian
  5. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren
  6. Kate Upton and Justin Verlander

4.Which child of a celebrity couple said their life is “. . . absolutely terrible” growing up with all that goes along with having famous parents?

a. Willow Smith  b. Ava Phillippe  c. Kaia Gerber  d. Brooklyn Beckham


5. Match the artist on the left with their hit single on the right:

  1. Post Malone featuring 21 Savage          1.  “Havana”
  2. Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug    2.  “Sorry, Not Sorry”
  3. Cardi B                                                    3.  “Young, Dumb and Broke”
  4. Demi Lovato                                            4.  “Rockstar”
  5. Halsey                                                     5.    “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)”
  6. Khalid                                                      6.    “Bad at Love”

6.If Bey’s Lemonade album didn’t already make it clear, who finally admitted to his infidelity in a recent New York Times interview?

  1. Kanye West   b. Jay-Z  c. Kendrick Lamar  d. Drake


7. Since 2011 and up until her engagement to Prince Harry, American actress Meghan Markle starred on which USA network TV show?

  1. Psych  b. Shooter  c. Suits  d. The Americans

8. Due to the sexual misconduct accusations taking down powerful men left and right, which of the major TV networks haven’t lost a major on-air reporter (yet)?

  1. Fox  b. NBC  c. CBS  d. ABC

9. The new Justice League movie is the fifth installment in the DC Extended Universe. Which superhero isn’t in it?

  1. Batman  b. Wonder Woman  c. Captain Marvel  d. Aquaman  e. The Flash

10. A new season of Bravo’s popular reality TV show Vanderpump Rules returns this month. Fans hope to find out whether visiting her family in which state helped or hurt Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s relationship?

  1. Colorado  b. Mississippi c. Kentucky  d. Ohio  e. Texas


Give yourself five points for each correct answer. Each component of a multiple-choice question counts as one point. A perfect score is 49:

39-49   You’re ending 2017 on a high note!

28-38   Nice work, but maybe more screen time in 2018!

18-27   2018 is your chance for pop-culture redemption!

0-17   Where have you been hiding?


1:d & e; 2c; 3: a2, b1, c1, d3, e2, f3; 4a; 5:a4, b1, c5, d2, e6, f3; 6b; 7c; 8d; 9c; 10c

Erin Helmrich is a teen and production librarian at the Ann Arbor District Library in Michigan. She’s fortunate to get to use her love of pop-culture via programs, large-scale events, contests, social media, developing collections, and publishing. She is the co-author of Create, Relate and Pop @ the Library: Services and Programs for Teens and Tweens (https://www.amazon.com/Create-Relate-Pop-Library-Services/dp/155570722X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1510767079&sr=8-1&keywords=create+relate+pop). She is currently obsessed freezing persimmons, still having 20/20 vision and going somewhere warm this winter. Contact her at erinhelmrich@gmail.com.