What’s in VOYA


AudioTalk by Karin Perry. Dynamic reviews that spotlight unabridged audiobooks whose narration, plot, or subject matter offer special appeal to teens. (In April, August, and December issues.)

Electronic Eye by Kathleen Meulen. In-depth reviews of electronic resources from  online references to e-books. (In e-voya only as of August 2005.)

The First Freedom by Cathi MacRae. Exploring the first amendment and intellectual freedom for teens. (In every issue.)

Get with the Program  Highlighting innovative teen programs in libraries and dispensing battle-tested programming wisdom. (In every issue since October 2005.)

Graphically Speaking by Kat Kan. Action-packed reviews of comics and graphic novels. (In February, June, and October issues since 1994; in every issue from October 2002 onward.)

Level Up by Hannah Gerber. Gaming and teens in libraries. (In June and December issues.)

Real Science by Rebecca A. Hill. Interviews, science news, and more real science. (Since February 2016, in every other issue.)

Tag Team Tech: Wrestling with Teens and Technology by Kelly Czarnecki and Janice Scurio. Two  librarians take turns following technology issues with teens. (In every issue; in e-voya only as of August 2005.)

Teen Pop Culture Quiz by Erin V. Helmrich. Rate yourself on your teen culture quotient. (In April, August, and December issues from August 2000 through August 2002. From December 2002 onward, updates appear only on e-voya.)

Teen Screen: Video Reviews by Jennifer Rummel. Lively reviews of a variety of non-feature films for use with teens in the classroom, library, and home. (In April, August, and December issues.)

Voyages by Diana Tixier Herald. Incisive reviews and discussion of adult science fiction for teens. (In February, June, and October issues.)

Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . by Timothy J. Horan. YA Author interviews. (In evoya since June 2011.)

YA Clicks: Web Sites for Young Adults and Their Librarians by Jessica Farrow and the Web Surfers from Central Rappahannock Regional Library. Web site reviews that juxtapose a librarian’s viewpoint with those of teens. (In e-voya only as of August 2005.)

YA Spaces of Your Dreams: Descriptions of teen-friendly library spaces from around the country. (Open for submissions. In every issue, as submitted.)

YA Strike Zone by Anthony Bernier. (In evoya since October 2014.)

Feature Articles

In-depth commentary on YA literature, programming, controversies, and more.

VOYA Booklists

VOYA features at least one annotated booklist for teen readers in every issue—sometimes more. Any booklist may be reproduced without permission as long as VOYA is cited as the source.

Every February Issue

Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers. Begun in 2000, high-quality fiction for eleven- to thirteen-year-old readers is chosen annually by a committee of librarians and teachers with student input.

The Perfect Tens. Books receiving a 5Q and 5P in the past year.

Every April Issue

VOYA’s Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Since 1984, the best titles are nominated annually by VOYA reviewers.

Pure Poetry: VOYA’s Poetry Picks. The best collections nominated by VOYA reviewers.

Every August Issue

VOYA’s Nonfiction Honor List. Begun in 1996, this list is chosen annually by a committee of librarians and teachers. Honor list books target middle school students.

Every October Issue

Extending the Five-Foot Bookshelf. Professional Reading for Librarians Serving Young Adults. Indispensable professional titles are nominated annually by VOYA reviewers.

Every December Issue

Clueless? Adult Mysteries with Young Adult Appeal. Tempting adult mysteries for teens are recommended annually by mystery experts John Charles.


Book Reviews

Book reviews have been central to VOYA since its founding. Written by distinguished young adult librarians and other youth advocates, VOYA book reviews have set a standard to which others strive. They are sought by librarians as key selection tools and by publishers as valued endorsements.  Each review includes a special rating based on VOYA‘s unique and highly regarded system for Quality (Q) and Popularity (P).  A VOYA Perfect 10 (a book with a 5 rating in both Quality and Popularity) is highly prized.



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