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Librarian Hero of the Day!

If you missed the story on Twitter, catch it now. This librarian stepped up to help a teen who was a victim of hacking. Three teen boys rewrote her school paper in her Google Docs account. This librarian looked back... (Continue reading)

VOYA’s Perfect Tens 2016

With over 1,100 reviews in VOYA in print in 2016, our reviewers awarded only thirty-five titles (three percent) the Perfect Ten–a 5Q for quality (hard to imagine it better written) and a 5P for popularity (every young adult who reads... (Continue reading)

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Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers 2016

Middle school is a time filled with friendships, challenges, and adventures. The 2016 Top Shelf nominations reflect all the complexities of middle school. The Annapolis, Maryland, selection committee had the pleasure of reading a wide variety of genres and equally... (Continue reading)

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Kimberly Patton

My love affair with books started in early childhood. When I was a child, I read everywhere I went. “On car trips (no matter how short or how long), at the playground, on the swing set, or leaning up against... (Continue reading)

YA Strike Zone February 2017

Reviving “Rubin” Anthony Bernier At a time when many make self-satisfied gestures at the notion of “alternative facts” that it looks like we’ll be living with for the next four years, I’d like to point out that we’ve come to... (Continue reading)

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Sharon Colvin

Sharon Colvin is a new member of VOYA’s Advisory Board. Believe it or not, I started my library career as a work-study student at Harvard.  I taught students how to navigate the enormous (and not yet online – this was... (Continue reading)

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Midwinter Musings

  Lisa Kurdyla Before I begin this (long) (rambling) note, I am compelled to say huge congratulations and thank you to ALA for once again organizing and pulling off an amazingly professional, well organized, and eminently expedient conference. The attention to... (Continue reading)

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Tag Team Tech: Wrestling with Teens and Technology February 2017

Screen Time: Finding the Balance Kelly Czarnecki “You’ll ruin your eyes!” “You won’t make any real friends that way!” “You’re not learning anything!” These are some of the warnings we might have heard or even perpetuated ourselves regarding the use... (Continue reading)

YA Clicks: : Web Sites for Young Adults and Their Librarians February 2017

Code Crazy Jessica Farrow and the Web Surfers from the Central Rappahannock Regional Library Our rating system is posted here. As computers become steadily more ubiquitous and necessary for everything from job applications to the Internet, many teens are finding... (Continue reading)

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Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Katelyn Detweiler

Stacey Hayman Katelyn Detweiler was lucky enough to spend her early years in the kind of setting you would expect to find in all the truly great childhood classics: an old farmhouse, smack dab in the middle of wide-open fields,... (Continue reading)

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