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Electronic Eye August 2017

Diving Deep:  Accessing Information Using the Statista Portal  Kathleen Meulen I don’t think that I have to explain at length about the place we are at in terms of our society’s value for truth and credibility.  It is alarming.  I... (Continue reading)

Teen Pop Culture Quiz Update #52 August 2017

Erin Helmrich BEATS 1. Match the performer on the left with their hit on the right: a. Kendrick Lamar                                          ... (Continue reading)

Tag Team Tech: Wrestling with Teens and Technology August 2017

High Tech Programming on a Low Tech Budget Janice Scurio This scenario may be your reality: you want to provide engaging technology-based programming, but the library’s budget is facing yet another round of cuts. An unfortunate pitfall of tech programming... (Continue reading)

YA Strike Zone August 2017

Beyond the Celebrations The disturbing things LIS students find out about real YA programming and professionals’ ethical obligation to improve YA experience Anthony Bernier It becomes more difficult each year to convince LIS students that they need to demonstrate service... (Continue reading)

VOYA’s Nonfiction Honor Lists

VOYA’s Nonfiction Honor List 2017 VOYA’s Nonfiction Honor List 2016 VOYA’s Nonfiction Honor List 2015 VOYA’s Nonfiction Honor List 2014 VOYA’s Nonfiction Honor List 2013 VOYA’s Nonfiction Honor List 2012... (Continue reading)

VOYA’s Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers Lists

VOYA’s Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers 2017 VOYA’s Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers 2016 VOYA’s Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers 2015 VOYA’s Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers 2014 VOYA’s Top Shelf Fiction... (Continue reading)

VOYA’s Perfect Tens Lists

VOYA’s Perfect Tens 2016 VOYA’s Perfect Tens 2015 VOYA’s Perfect Tens 2014 VOYA’s Perfect Tens 2013... (Continue reading)

Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth is a Perfect Ten!

Roth, Veronica. Carve the Mark. Katherine Tegen/ HarperCollins, 2017. 480p. $22.99.  978-0-06-234863-0. 5Q 5P J S                                                      This dystopia is galaxy-wide. Nine major planets are bound by a “currentstream” flowing through every living thing. This currentstream endows the children of favored... (Continue reading)

Hunted by Meagan Spooner is a Perfect Ten!

Spooner, Meagan. Hunted. HarperTeen, 2017. 384p. $17.99. 978-0-06-242228-6. 5Q 5P M J S Yeva, called Beauty by her father, is the youngest of a wealthy merchant’s three daughters and the only one who loves hunting with him. One day he... (Continue reading)

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Scythe: Arc of a Scythe, Book 1 by Neal Shusterman is a Perfect Ten!

Shusterman, Neal. Scythe: Arc of a Scythe, Book 1. Simon & Schuster, 2016. 448p. $18.99. 978-1-4424-7242-6. 5Q 5P S NA In this gripping and disturbing novel of an immortal and perfected humanity, all knowledge is controlled and kept by the... (Continue reading)

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