Editorial Philosophy for VOYA Reviews, Update October 2016

  1. VOYA defends the principle of intellectual freedom, the right of youth to read whatever they choose, and the necessity for specialized library services for YAs. Young adults must have free and equal access to information in print, nonprint, and electronic resources, without infringement of their intellectual freedom due to age or other distinctions.
  1. VOYA promotes youth advocacy among youth-serving professionals, as well as networking among librarians, teachers, social workers, community leaders, and others to champion youth causes. Youth-serving professionals must advocate for the rights of and services for youth within their libraries, schools, and communities.
  1. VOYA practices youth participation, facilitating and enabling youth to make their own choices and decisions. While advocating for youth, youth-serving professionals also must provide opportunities for youth to practice decision making and responsibility in their own projects.
  1. VOYA allows reviewers’ opinions without editing the tone of the review, even if VOYA editors thoroughly disagree with the reviewers’ conclusions. In addition, VOYA editors strive to maintain each reviewer’s unique voice as much as possible, within the framework of meeting VOYA’s editorial standards.
  1. VOYA reviewers will never allow censorship in their reviews. Please see VOYA’s policy on how to avoid censorship.  This is an important aspect of being an advocate for the right of young adults to read the materials they want and need to read without interference.
  1. VOYA reviewers will demonstrate an understanding and acceptance of the need for sensitivity to all the diverse communities of young adults we serve. To do this effectively, VOYA reviewers will be given training resources and materials on an on-going basis.
  1. VOYA reviewers will respect and uphold all VOYA standards, guidelines, and editorial philosophies to the best of their abilities. Reviewers will abide by VOYA’s mission to respect, represent, and advocate for every young adult reader.
  1. VOYA reviewers understand the audience for whom they are reviewing and write their reviews in such a way as to be useful and applicable to VOYA