Qualifications for VOYA Reviewers, Update October 2016

What Are the Qualifications for Being a VOYA Reviewer?

  1. Three or more years’ experience working directly with teens in a library, school, or other professional setting. (Experience as a library- or teacher-educator is also acceptable.)
  1. Ability to write clearly and grammatically.
  1. Ability to follow VOYA guidelines precisely.
  1. Pledge to uphold VOYA’s commitment to writing without censorship and with sensitivity to all the YA communities represented in the YA materials we review.
  1. Being exaggeratedly widely read in young adult and new adult titles.
  1. Ability to produce at least 12 reviews per year.
  1. Willingness to review widely in both nonfiction and several fiction genres.

VOYA is especially seeking reviewers with diverse backgrounds and understanding of the many different young adults we strive to serve.

As part of our commitment to getting teens involved, VOYA is always looking for reviewers who are interested in becoming adult mentors for teen reviewers.