Reviewer Application, Update October 2016

Copy and complete this form in a Word document and email as an attachment to with a sample review following VOYA’s Guidelines.

NAME: _______________________________________________________________________________





Home Address: ________________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________State ______________Zip __________________


Phone you prefer to be reached at:  (__________)_____________________

E-Mail you check most often: ______________________________________

Do you wish to work with teen partner reviewers?  Yes               No

Mailing address for books:   Home ____        or      Work ____

How long have you worked with young adults in a library/teaching/mentoring capacity?  ________



What kinds of youth/communities do you serve? Give us a feel for the work you do and your areas of expertise. How do you keep up with YA interests and fads? Tell us how you practice youth participation in your work.  



  1. Tara Mulvany says:

    Do reviewers get paid?

  2. Hi, Tara,
    No, our reviewers are not paid, but they do keep the books they review.

    RoseMary Honnold

  3. Whitney Zahar says:

    Do you accept reviewers who are originally from America, but who work as English teachers in other countries, such as Taiwan, especially if residents at their original address will be able to mail whatever books need to be reviewed? What about reviewing Kindle additions if available?

  4. Hi, Whitney,

    Write to our review editor, Lisa Kurdyla, at Perhaps we can work something out.

    Thanks for writing,

    RoseMary Honnold, Editor-in-Chief

  5. Kelly Sierra says:

    Hi, do we send the application and sample review along with the Reviewer Interest Checklist or do we wait to send that portion later? Thank you.

  6. Hi, Kelly,
    You can send it all together. Thank you for your interest in reviewing for VOYA magazine!

  7. Elishia Russell says:

    I have intrest in becoming a reviewer.I feel that i possess all the qualities that VOYA is looking for in a reviwer and i love to read.So i was wondering are teens able to be reviewers.

  8. Hi, Elisha,

    Yes, teens can become VOYA reviewers. Teen reviewers are paired with adult reviewers. Contact for more information.


  9. Erin Segreto says:

    Hi, do you know how long it takes to be notified if your application has been accepted? Thank you!!

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