Tips for Successful Submissions

Booklists, Columns, and Articles: VOYA has many writing opportunities for you!

VOYA invites you to write about teen services in school and public libraries.  From annotated booklists to full research articles, VOYA readers are eager to read what you know.

Most published VOYA articles come from writers who are very familiar with the magazine’s content and mission. Usually, article authors have firsthand experience working with teens in areas relating to their reading, writing, or other informational and developmental needs. Read several articles in depth to get the “feel” of VOYA. You may also request a recent print copy of the magazine from if you describe your potential submission topic.

Sending Queries and Submissions

You must query VOYA‘s Editor to determine your piece’s suitability for VOYA. Send queries by e-mail to Include the following in your e-mail:

  1. Describe your article briefly, along with your professional background, expertise, and perceived audience for the article, and complete contacts for reaching you by snail mail, phone, and e-mail.
  2. A word count of your manuscript.
  3. A list of suggestions for images, such as photographs, brochures, logos, Web screen grabs, book covers, or other illustrations.
  4. Attach the double-spaced manuscript in 12-point type with one-inch margins on all sides as a .doc or .txt file. Please do not include images in the manuscript; instead, insert a text description of the image in brackets (i.e. [teen sitting at computer] would replace the actual picture of a teen sitting at the computer).

Feature Article Guidelines

Articles are welcomed from youth advocates who wish to share philosophies, literary analysis, author interviews, research results, experiences, practical project ideas, or controversies that arise in working with youth. Research results involving surveys of practitioners or teens should include basic statistical information about the respondents when applicable. Articles that catch the editor’s attention are written in an approachable style and speak with authority and enthusiasm about the areas in which VOYA specializes. Short articles run from 800-1,700 words. Longer articles up to 3,500 words are also considered.

Column Guidelines

Columns are planned by the editor. New column ideas are welcome as queries to Current columns include Audio Talk, Diversity Matters, Electronic Eye, the First Freedom, Get with the Program, Graphically Speaking,  Tag Team Tech, Teen Pop Culture Quiz, Teen Screen,  Voyages, Wouldn’t You Like to Know, YA Clicks, YA Spaces.

Booklist Guidelines

Booklists are usually arranged by the VOYA editor with committees or contributors as annotated bibliographies/Webliographies that appear annually. Booklist submissions on current topics of teen appeal are considered via query. Submissions must conform to the house bibliographic stylesheet, available upon request from



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    I totally love that VOYA is so open to suggestions and ideas. It’s great! 🙂

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