Get with the Program Submissions

If you produce successful and innovative programs for teens in your library, your program can be considered for coverage in VOYA‘s Get with the Program column.

Queries for complete articles about teen library programs are considered year round by the editor at

VOYA’s Teen Program Submission Form for Get with the Program

Copy the following into a Word document and complete. Attach to an email with the subject line Get with the Program and email to

Your Name:Your Library:

Library Address:

Your E-mail:

Your Library Phone:

Program Title:

Overall Budget:

Who created the program?

How did you plan and prepare for the program?

How did you publicize the program?

Describe the content and scheduling of the event:

Describe the outcome of the event:

What would you do differently if you present the program again?

How would you label this program?

Active (dance lessons, yoga demo, etc.)
Creative (craft program, poetry slam, etc.)
Discussion (book discussion, music discussion, etc.)
Pop Culture-based (anime/manga, movie-based, etc.)
Drop In

How would you rate the success of the program?


Better than expected
Exactly what I expected
Below expectations

Comments regarding the program from teens, staff, and/or facilitator.

If your submission is selected, you will be contacted for more information and graphics and/or photos.