Peer Reviewed Articles

The VOYA Editorial Advisory Board will review research articles submitted for peer review by request.

VOYA Guidelines for Peer Reviewed Article Submissions

  1. Articles must meet deadline dates to allow time for reviewing, feedback, possible revisions.  The deadlines are as follows: February issue (December 1),  April issue(February 1),  June issue (April 1),  August issue (June 1),  October issue (August 1),  December issue (October 1),
  2. Limit article size to 3000-3500 words.  This will be a four page article in the magazine.
  3. Full papers longer than the 3500 word limit can be published online only.  A 3000- 3500 word summary can be published in print.
  4. Format: 1 inch margins, doublespace, 12 pt Times New Roman font.
  5. Images, charts, photos, etc, must be submitted in separate files, high resolution for printing.  300 dpi
  6. Include captions for all images.
  7. Include permissions for all photos or copyrighted material.
  8. Submit your contact information on a separate sheet from your article; do not put your name on your article or any of the image files or in headers or footers.
  9. Use Chicago Manual of Style for Bibliographies. Do not use footnotes.
  10. Include ISBNs for any lists of recommended materials.
  11. Send articles to:
  12. The review board will make suggestions for additions, revisions etc, that must be completed before publication.