VOYA Bibliographic Format for Articles and Booklists

Follow these style guidelines for booklists and bibliographies at the end of articles. VOYA strives to provide all in-print editions, in hardcover, library binding (PLB), and paperback, of books we recommend.

Consult the most current version of Books in Print (not an online bookstore such as Amazon.com, whose information is often incorrect), for accurate and complete prices, pages, dates, editions, and ISBNs, as well as correctly spelled author names, titles, and publishers. Foreign publications must include a U.S. distributor.

Web sites must cite complete URLs after the prefix “http://”.

Look at recent VOYA back issues for a bibliography or booklist similar in type to yours, to use as a format model.

The editor adds VOYA review citations to your booklists from a computer index, so there is no need to look up reviews.

1. Basic format for single editions

Author. Title. Publisher, date. Pages. Price [with pb or PLB notation if applicable; pb indicates small mass market size; also note Trade pb or Oversize pb]. ISBN. [For nonfiction, list end matter or additions-see any nonfiction review section, such as: Index. Biblio. Illus.]

a. Fiction hardcover only

Kuhn, William. Mrs. Queen Takes the Train. Harper/Harper Collins, 2012. 384p. $24.99. 978-0-06-220828-6.

b. Nonfiction hardcover only with illustrator or photographer.

Pringle, Laurence. Elephant Woman: Cynthia Moss Explores the World of Elephants. Photographs by Cynthia Moss. Atheneum/S & S, 1997. 42p. $16.99. 978-0-689-80142-6. Biblio. Index. Map.

c. Nonfiction library edition only

Ruettner, Dan. Africatrek: A Journey by Bicycle through Africa. Lerner, 1977. 112p. PLB $17.21. 978-0-8225-2951-4. Index. Illus. Glossary. Pronunciation Guide. Photos. Map.

d. Fiction mass market paperback only

Waitman, Katie. The Merro Tree. Del Rey, 1997. 437p. $5.99 pb. 978-0-345-41436-6.

e. Format for reprints

Author. Title. Publisher, [reprint] date, ©date [of original edition]. Pages. Price. ISBN. Month, year. [VOYA review citation]

Newman, Sharan. Guinevere Evermore. Tor, 1998, ©1985. $13.95 Trade pb. 978-0-312-86641-9.

2. Formats for two or more editions in print

a. Format if same publisher for all editions

Author. Title. Publisher, date. Pages [hardcover]. Price [hardcover]. ISBN [hardcover]. Price pb [pb indicates small mass market size; also note Trade pb or Oversize pb after price]. ISBN pb.

Same publisher of hardcover and mass market paperback

Burton, Levar. Aftermath. Warner Aspect, 1997. 274p. $22. 0-446-51993-6. $6.50 pb. 0-446-60501-8 pb.

Same publisher of hardcover and oversize paperback

Barlowe, Wayne Douglas, and Neil Duskis. Barlowe’s Guide to Fantasy. HarperPrism, 1996. 144p. $35. 978-0-06-105238-5. $19.95 Oversize pb. 978-0-06-100817-7. Illus. Charts.

Same publisher of hardcover and library edition

Donoghue, Emma. Kissing theWitch: Old Tales in New Skins. HarperCollins, 1997. 228p. $14.94. 0-06-027575-8. PLB $14.89. 0-06-027575-8.

Same publisher of mass market and trade paperback editions

Banks, Iain M. Excession. Bantam, 1997. 390p. $12.95 Trade pb. 0-553-37460-5 Trade pb. $5.39 pb. 0-553-57537-6 pb.

b. Format if hardcover and paperback are from different publishers

Author. Title. [Hardcover information] Publisher, date. Pages. Price. ISBN. [Then paperback info:] Publisher, date. Price pb [pb indicates small mass market size; also note Trade pb or Oversize pb after price]. ISBN.

Kurlansky, Mark. Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World. Walker, 1997. 304p. $21. 0-8027-1326-2. Penguin, 1998. $11.95 Trade pb. 0-14-027501-0. Index. Biblio. Illus. Maps.

3. Citations within text

Whenever a book title is mentioned within text of reviews or articles, include the author’s name in that text, with original publisher and publication date following title in parentheses. Example: “When compared to Robert Cormier’s Tenderness (Delacorte, 1997), the story falters . . .”