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Wouldn’t You Like to Know. . . Ashley Poston

Stacey Hayman Ashley Poston, our current author, has the charm and style of a lovely southern lady, which may be due in part to being born and raised in South Carolina. The only child of two working parents–a numbers kind of guy... (Continue reading)

Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Rachel Vail

Stacey Hayman Born and raised in New York City, our current author found plenty to love about her hometown and has happily remained a resident of the Big Apple. With a BA in English and in Theater from Georgetown, Rachel... (Continue reading)

Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Katelyn Detweiler

Stacey Hayman Katelyn Detweiler was lucky enough to spend her early years in the kind of setting you would expect to find in all the truly great childhood classics: an old farmhouse, smack dab in the middle of wide-open fields,... (Continue reading)

Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Brenna Yovanoff

Stacey Hayman When she’s not busy killing her (video game) opponents or rolling out her special flaky pie crust, our current author might be off on a dark, magical adventure (in her imagination). Brenna Yovanoff has already achieved a long... (Continue reading)

Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Brooke Burgess

Stacey Hayman If you’re looking for an author who can meet all of your media needs, consider our current author your lucky find.  Brooke Burgess wrote a book, plus directed a team of artists, produced an audiobook, and is making... (Continue reading)

Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Stephanie Tromly

Stacey Hayman Born in the Philippines, a childhood in Hong Kong, college in the United States, and living in Canada have all helped make our current author a master of observation—a skill that is completely obvious in her fabulously funny... (Continue reading)

Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Matthew Jobin

Inspired by the forests of his childhood home near Toronto, Canada, Matthew Jobin spent his formative years writing—in some form or another—The Nethergrim, the first book in his first trilogy. It makes sense that our current author would have his... (Continue reading)

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Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Aditi Khorana

Growing up on three different continents—Asia, Europe, and North America–while her father worked for the United Nations would have to make for an amazing childhood full of unique experiences. Perhaps this is partly why our current author Aditi Khorana was... (Continue reading)

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Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Julie Murphy

Stacey Hayman Starting her adventures in Bridgeport, Connecticut, with Mom, Dad, and big sister Jill before growing up, getting married, and finding a new world to explore in North Texas with husband Ian, our current author is full of fun... (Continue reading)

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Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Nova Ren Suma

Stacey Hayman   Nova Ren Suma already has an impressive list of accomplishments on her writer’s resume. Earning a BA in writing and photography from Antioch College, an MFA in fiction from Columbia, a fellow with New York Foundation for... (Continue reading)

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