YA Clicks October 2015

Geek Out! Rebecca Purdy and the Web Surfers from the Central Rappahannock Regional Library Remember when there was a much narrower definition of community, one that typically implied the ability to be in the same room at the same time? ... (Continue reading)

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Real Science by Rebecca A. Hill

Rebecca A. Hill is a librarian and freelance writer. She writes on science education, education, science, parenting, library, literacy,  and other issues.  She has been published in a number of national magazines like Robot, Robotic Trends, School Library Journal, Teacher Librarian, Book Links, School Family... (Continue reading)

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Disruptive Ideas by Linda W. Braun

Disruptive Ideas is a column that strives to give library staff working with teens the chance to think differently about what they do and why they do it. Columns will cover topics like outreach and community engagement, management practices, professional... (Continue reading)

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New Column! I’d Like to Speak to a Manager . . .

I’d Like to Speak to a Manager by Elsworth Rockefeller (June 2015 to present) Elsworth tackles YA librarian manager issues with his ideas and experience and asks a guest manager to present his or her take in each column; you... (Continue reading)

Retired Columns

Man Up! by Rollie Welch, Elsworth Rockefeller, and Summer Hayes The Unbound Word by Linda W. Braun When the Rubber Hits the Road by Julie Scordato I’d Like to Speak to a Manager by Elsworth Rockefeller Disruptive Ideas by Linda... (Continue reading)

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