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Teen Pop Culture Quiz Update # 41

Erin Helmrich BUZZ 1. Warming the hearts of everyone around the world was the spectacular display of a city fulfilling a young boy’s wish. Via the “Make-a-Wish Foundation,” Miles Scott’s dreams came true when he got to fight crime as Batkid... (Continue reading)

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Teen Pop Culture Quiz Update #38 December 2012

Erin Helmrich December 2012 HOT NEWS 1. Hot one minute and cold the next! What’s the current status of these couples? 1. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez                       a. Dating for... (Continue reading)

Teen Pop Culture Quiz August 2012

Update #37 Erin Helmrich HOT PRESS 1. After two years of deliberation what prominent boys recreational organization decided that gay scouts and leaders were still banned? 2.Giving more hope that it does get better which hip-hop crooner recently came out... (Continue reading)

Teen Pop Culture Quiz Archives

Teen Pop Culture Quiz by Erin Helmrich Erin Helmrich is a teen and production librarian at the Ann Arbor District Library in Michigan. She’s fortunate to get to use her love of pop-culture via programs, large-scale events, contests, social media,... (Continue reading)

Teen Pop Culture Quiz April 2011

Update #33 Erin Helmrich NEWS WIRE 1. There is new scary hallucinogenic drug made up of chemicals with effects similar to high doses of amphetamines that’s potentially lethal and legal in most states and is quickly becoming popular with young... (Continue reading)

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Teen Pop-Culture Quiz December 2010

Update #32 Erin Helmrich December 2010 Incredibly Disappearing TV on TV Viewing 1. To accommodate the “emotional and physical issues” that Demi Lovato is struggling with, her Disney TV show is going to be adjusted to focus on the show... (Continue reading)

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Teen Pop-Culture Quiz Archives

Erin Helmrich tests your knowledge of pop-culture in Teen Pop-Culture Quiz Update # 30.... (Continue reading)

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