Tag Team Tech December 2016

It’s Instrumental – Making Musical Instruments at the Library Janice Scurio Music production programming for young adults usually features the instruction and use of professional software and recording tools, such as microphones, guitars, keyboards, and other musical instruments. In my... (Continue reading)

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Tag Team Tech August 2016

Library of Legends: Implementing Multiplayer Online Gaming for Teens Janet Scurio Introduction Do you know a gamer? Maybe you already know several. They might already come to your library for gaming, and with regular gaming programming, they might come back for... (Continue reading)

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Tag Team Tech: Wrestling with Teens and Technology April 2016

Tournament of Champions Janice Scurio It can pay to be handy with a controller. For over ten years running, the largest competitive video gaming tournament in the world, EVO (short for the Evolution Championship Series) has brought the best gamers... (Continue reading)

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Tag Team Tech December 2015

Sound Matters: Apps, Gadgets, and Music Programming Janice Scurio Chances are that music plays a huge role in the lives of teens that visit your library. Some may be secretly able to play an instrument with great dexterity. Some might... (Continue reading)

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Welcome our new Tag Team Tech columnist, Janice Scurio!

Janice Scurio is a teen services librarian in Madison, Wisconsin. With an extensive background in information technology, she has served as an expert advisor for other libraries looking to implement more youth STEM programming, such as Minecraft and LEGO robotics.... (Continue reading)

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Tag Team Tech: Wrestling with Teens and Technology Archives

Tag Team Tech: Wrestling with Teens and Technology by Kelly Czarnecki and Janice Scurio. Two teen services librarians take turns following technology issues with teens. Past writers are Linda W. Braun, Joyce Kasman Valenza, and Sarah Ludwig. (In every issue;... (Continue reading)