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LESSON PLANS for One Book, One Community in VOYA October 2016 Cassandra Rondinella, October 2016  IMPORTANT VOYA UPDATES:  GUIDELINES FOR REVIEWERS & WRITERS AND MUCH MORE        Lisa Kurdyla, October 2016 UPDATE Lisa Kurdyla, October 2016 Hbook Podcast 1.31... (Continue reading)

The Anime-ted Library

Kristin Fletcher-Spear and Kat Kan April 2005 Two and a half years after our first article, Showing Anime in the Library (VOYA April 2002), it’s high time for an update! Librarians have used our tips to create some great programs... (Continue reading)

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Graphically Speaking by Kat Kan

Graphically Speaking by Katharine Kan (In February, June, and October issues since 1994; in every issue from October 2002 onward) Graphically Speaking features action-packed reviews of comics and graphic novels by Katharine Kan. Kan has been reading comics for more... (Continue reading)

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