The Unbound Word

The Unbound Word by Linda W. Braun (April 2011 to April 2015, Retired column) The Unbound Word focuses on digital reading, including ebooks, apps, software and hardware, and how to use ereading technology and tools with teens and in libraries.... (Continue reading)

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Tag Team Tech December 2010

Bullying: Is Technology to Blame? Linda Braun December 2010 I want to scream, every time I hear librarians talking about how technology has made bullying a problem in their schools and libraries. But I don’t; instead, I ask questions such... (Continue reading)

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Joyce Valenza shares ten (or so) examples of how teacher-librarians are leveraging the new free tools of the social Web to create learner-centered online landscapes. Practitioners reveal their best tips for effective design, instruction, and communication.... (Continue reading)