The Library’s Role in Protecting Teens’ Privacy

RoseMary Ludt The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) outlined a plan in the document “Preventing Violent Extremism in Schools,” published in January 2016, to surveil the use of the Internet by at-risk teens. Dr. Mary K. Chelton, co-founder of VOYA Magazine... (Continue reading)

YA Strike Zone February 2015

Reflections on Dr. Mary K. Chelton’s Retirement Anthony Bernier “Oh, they have nothing to say.” These six words echo down through the decades since VOYA’s co-founder, Mary K. Chelton, heard children’s librarians muttering about the professional contributions of YA librarians in... (Continue reading)

Mary K. Chelton and Dorothy M. Broderick

[Editor’s note: Mary K. Chelton and Dorothy M. Broderick are the founders of VOYA Magazine. They graciously submitted this piece for our first Profiles article.] Why We Did It When Dorothy and I started living together in the mid-1970s, we... (Continue reading)

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200 Years of Young Adult Library Services History

The Chronology I would also have in every library a friend of the young, whom they can consult freely when in want of assistance, and who, in addition to the power of gaining their confidence, has knowledge and tact enough... (Continue reading)