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Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . John Green

by Stacey Hayman Multiple award winning and New York Times Bestselling author, and the 2012 spokesperson for Teen Read Week, John Green has long been legendary in the world of teen literature. But until the age of ten, John was convinced... (Continue reading)

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Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Myra McEntire

by Stacey Hayman Growing up in Northeast Tennessee and living in Nashville, you might assume Myra McEntire must love NASCAR and country music, but her readers know the truth. This author isn’t so predictable; singing R&B in the family car... (Continue reading)

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Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Wendy Delsol

by Stacey Hayman Wendy Delsol can lay claim to a wonderfully normal, but not quite typical, life. Born in Canada to proper English parents, middle-child Wendy and her two sisters grew up in a suburb of Detroit. Getting a bachelor’s... (Continue reading)

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Wouldn’t You Like to Know. . . Cassandra Clare

by Stacey Hayman How many people do you know who can claim they were born ‘a world traveler,’ and mean it literally? Cassandra Clare’s adventurous parents found themselves teaching in Tehran, Iran, for the birth of their daughter. Establishing residence... (Continue reading)

Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Kiersten White

By Stacey Hayman Born in Utah, but happy to become a fully immersed “California Girl,” Kiersten White, her husband of ten years and their two young children are happily taking advantage of the beach, the nearby San Diego Zoo, and... (Continue reading)

Wouldn’t You Like to Know. . . Ally Carter

By Stacey Hayman Our current author lives her life peeking out from behind a veil of mystery. Residing in an undisclosed location within the great state of Oklahoma, this is one lady who knows the value of discretion. Unearthing the... (Continue reading)

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Wouldn’t You Like to Know… Simone Elkeles

By Stacey Hayman Now the author of eight–and counting!–wildly popular teen books, Ms. Elkeles has also been a photographer for fraternity and sorority parties, a diversity trainer, and the owner of manufacturing company, which makes for one of the most... (Continue reading)

Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Rosemary Clement-Moore

By Stacey Hayman Accurately self-described as a “writer of spooky, funny, romantic, mysterious, and awesome books,” Rosemary Clement-Moore can claim the widely divergent Chuck E. Cheese and Theatre Victoria in Victoria, Texas, as two of her previous employers. As youth... (Continue reading)

Wouldn’t You Like to Know… Michael Grant

By Stacey Hayman [Editor’s Note: Stacey Hayman will be introducing readers to popular authors in her new online only interview series, Wouldn’t You Like to Know…] Michael Grant was born in Los Angeles, California, but spent most of his childhood... (Continue reading)

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