Teen Reviewers

VOYA is in search of reviewers aged twelve to eighteen to review books with the aim of guiding librarians, teachers, and other youth workers to purchase items of teen interest for their collections or classrooms. As partners to our adult reviewers, teen reviewers (TR) will write brief, critically evaluative statements explaining their opinion or response to the book, gauging its appeal or lack of value to a general or specific teen audience. These statements will be appended to complete reviews of the books, written by adult reviewers. They should not summarize content or plot.

Teen partner reviews must be written in conjunction with an adult sponsor who is a current VOYA reviewer or accepted new adult reviewer applicant. To avoid influencing each other, adult and teen partners should write their own critical comments before reading their partner’s conclusions. Adults will share their copy of the review book, received from VOYA, with teen partners.

VOYA reviewers or new applicants interested in working with teens must find their own partners and train them to follow VOYA format and requirements.

Teen partners will need to study these documents from our reviewer kit:
• Guidelines for Writing a VOYA Review (especially step 2 onward)
• VOYA Editorial Philosophy/What VOYA Requires of Its Reviewers
• How to Avoid Reviewer Censorship
Teen reviewers must also be familiar with:
• These partner instructions
• Review sections of recent VOYA issues

Once Teen reviewers are trained, adult sponsors help them implement these guidelines in their writing, beginning with practice reviews not needed for VOYA publication. When the first assigned review book arrived from VOYA, partners work together on teens’ rough drafts to edit for grammar, spelling, format, length, and clarity. Adult reviewers append teen evaluations to their own complete reviews to send to VOYA in publishable manuscript form by the specified deadline. Up to three teen partner reviews may accompany any single title. The adult’s section of the review must range between 200–250 words, whereas each teen evaluation should be no longer than 75 words. Adult sponsors must return teens’ signed parental authorization forms to VOYA. Unless VOYA editors make a specific request, working with teen partners is at the discretion of adult reviewers.

Teens searching for adult sponsors may contact the VOYA Review Editor at reviews@voyamagazine.com.



  1. Jennifer MacKinnon says:

    I am very interested in this program, I am a librarian at a high school in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada. i would love some more information.

  2. Hi, Jennifer,
    Please email our review editor, Lisa Kurdyla, at reviews@voya.com for more information.

    RoseMary Honnold

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