Teen Perspectives Blog

Young adults:  VOYA wants to publish your perspectives on a VOYA blog called Teen Perspectives Blog (TPB).  Read, write, get published! But, there are some steps you need to take, and some guidelines for publication that you need to follow.  

Quick Guide to the Program Basics


Young adults ages 12 – 19 may write for the VOYA Teen Perspectives Blog (TP) blog. Any teen may submit book reviews, articles (as described below), poems, and original photographs.

What Do You Need to Do?

Fill out and Submit Teen Reviewer Application. (See download link at bottom of page.) This should be filled out, signed, and emailed along with the other 2 forms.

Get A Sponsor. Every young adult who wishes to be published on the VOYA blog must have an adult sponsor. The sponsor can be a librarian, a teacher, a guidance counselor, a parent, a mentor, or any other adult who can and will assist the teen in the process of reading critically and writing a VOYA-acceptable review as per the VOYA guidelines and style.

Get Your Sponsor to Fill Out, Sign, and Return Sponsor Agreement Form. (See download link at bottom of page.) Each teen contributor must have the sponsor fill out and return an agreement form which details the sponsor’s commitment to the teen writer. It can be emailed to reviews@voyamagazine.com.

Get a Parental Consent Form Signed. (See download link at bottom of page.) Every participant must have a parental consent form signed and returned to reviews@voyamagazine.com before any material will be posted to the blog.

What Can You Submit? 

Young adult writers can submit book reviews of pre-release and up to 3-months post-publication YA titles. The titles can be fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, horror, fantasy, graphic novels, and poetry books. Comic book reviews won’t be accepted. See Teens in Print tab at the top of the webpage for guidelines on writing reviews in VOYA style and format.

Young adult writers can submit articles about topics of interest to young adults; any topic will be considered as long as it is not obscene, inappropriate, violent, or degrading toward anyone.  The articles are titled “Notes from the Teen Underground,” and may be chosen to be published in the print version of the magazine as well. This is a great chance for teens to write about something they are passionate about and be published. It is wide-open in terms of topics, but the article must be at least 800 words.

Young poets can submit poetry of any form, provided it is appropriate for the TP blog. There is a limit of 350 words per poem. There is no limit to the topics that can be covered.

Photographers are encouraged to submit their original photographs in digital format. Photos should be clear, easy to see, and submitted as a .jpg file.  The photo can be digitally edited but not so much that the original photo cannot be seen.

All submissions may or may not be published by VOYA at the sole discretion of VOYA editors.

When Should I Submit Something?

You may submit your material after you have carefully edited and proofread it; your sponsor should proofread any writing too, whenever possible.  Submissions should be emailed in a ready-to-publish state to reviews@voyamagazine.com. Reviews, articles, and photos will be posted to the blog at the editors’ discretion. Edits will be made and probably sent back to you, at which point you are responsible for making any necessary changes and responding to any questions/comments asked about the review. Edits for style, format, and grammar will be made without sending the submission back and without prior notification to the author.

Can I Post My Stuff On Other Websites if it is Posted on/Published by VOYA?

Nope. But you can include a link to the TP blog if you want. Any submission used by VOYA—either in print or online—may be used ONLY AS A LINK to the TP blog. Any other use requires the prior written consent of VOYA editors. VOYA wants your submissions to be just for VOYA!

I Want to Get Started Right Now. What’s First?

There are three forms you need to complete, sign, and send to reviews@voyamagazine.com before any submission will be considered. Once the necessary paperwork is taken care of —START reading and writing for publication (or clicking your camera)! VOYA can’t wait to start posting your submissions!

Here are the forms:

Teen Participant Application

Sponsor Contract

Parents Must Sign This!