Kimberly Patton

My love affair with books started in early childhood. When I was a child, I read everywhere I went. “On car trips (no matter how short or how long), at the playground, on the swing set, or leaning up against... (Continue reading)

Sharon Colvin

Sharon Colvin is a new member of VOYA’s Advisory Board. Believe it or not, I started my library career as a work-study student at Harvard.  I taught students how to navigate the enormous (and not yet online – this was... (Continue reading)

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Elsworth Rockefeller

[Editor’s Note: Elsworth is a valued member of the editorial advisory board, a former VOYA columnist and reviewer, and VOYA‘s honorary brother.] VOYA Is Like My Sister My decision to become a librarian—or at least to go to library school—did not... (Continue reading)

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Paula Brehm-Heeger

[Editor’s note: Paula is a valued member of the VOYA Editorial Advisory Board and long time VOYA friend.] I have two clear memories of visiting libraries and looking for books when I was on the cusp of becoming a teenager in the... (Continue reading)

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Deborah Taylor

[Editor’s note: Deborah is a valued member of the VOYA Editorial Advisory Board and long time VOYA friend.] My first experience behind the scenes in young adult services came as a college student during a summer internship at the Pratt... (Continue reading)

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Anthony Bernier

[Editor’s note: Anthony is valued member of the board, a VOYA columnist, and a long time VOYA friend.] My career turns on such things as civil disturbances and arson. Like most of us in this field I started out in... (Continue reading)

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Professional Publications by VOYA Board Members

The VOYA Editorial Advisory Board is an active, accomplished group of talented people who have made major contributions to the world of young adult library services.  The list of their publications shows their dedication to the profession. We are proud... (Continue reading)

Pam Spencer Holley

[Editor’s note: Pam Spencer Holley is the President of the VOYA Editorial Advisory Board, and occasional contributor, and a long time VOYA friend.] Reading Dorothy and Mary K’s adventures with getting VOYA off the ground, reminded me of the notice... (Continue reading)

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Diane P. Tuccillo

[Editor’s note: Diane is a long time valued member of the VOYA Editorial Advisory Board and a frequent contributor.] Way back in the 1970s, I was a high school English teacher in New Jersey. I also coached the Drama Club... (Continue reading)

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Mary K. Chelton and Dorothy M. Broderick

[Editor’s note: Mary K. Chelton and Dorothy M. Broderick are the founders of VOYA Magazine. They graciously submitted this piece for our first Profiles article.] Why We Did It When Dorothy and I started living together in the mid-1970s, we... (Continue reading)

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