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Librarian Hero of the Day!

If you missed the story on Twitter, catch it now. This librarian stepped up to help a teen who was a victim of hacking. Three teen boys rewrote her school paper in her Google Docs account. This librarian looked back... (Continue reading)

YA Strike Zone February 2017

Reviving “Rubin” Anthony Bernier At a time when many make self-satisfied gestures at the notion of “alternative facts” that it looks like we’ll be living with for the next four years, I’d like to point out that we’ve come to... (Continue reading)

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Wouldn’t You Like to Know . . . Katelyn Detweiler

Stacey Hayman Katelyn Detweiler was lucky enough to spend her early years in the kind of setting you would expect to find in all the truly great childhood classics: an old farmhouse, smack dab in the middle of wide-open fields,... (Continue reading)

YA Strike Zone December 2016

YALSA’s Cynical Heart: Reproducing the Adultist Agenda Anthony Bernier American Library Association’s (ALA) recent dog-piling on young people for their incapacity to discern “fake news” got me thinking. In its 22 November issue of ALA Direct, that “tightly curated” e-newsletter,... (Continue reading)

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Electronic Eye December 2016

Making Sense of History: Historical Databases for Research and Study Kathleen Meulen When I was a college student a few decades ago, my music major friends and I had an expression that we would use when we thought something was... (Continue reading)

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Tag Team Tech December 2016

It’s Instrumental – Making Musical Instruments at the Library Janice Scurio Music production programming for young adults usually features the instruction and use of professional software and recording tools, such as microphones, guitars, keyboards, and other musical instruments. In my... (Continue reading)

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Welcome Laini Bostian . . . Our New Get with the Program Columnist!

Laini Bostian has been working with teens in various capacities for the past sixteen years, the past ten of which have been in a library setting.  She has been employed at the Culpeper County Library since 2008, where she extended teen programming... (Continue reading)

VOYA’s Nonfiction Honor List 2016

This year’s list of high quality, middle grade nonfiction offers something for everyone. With Common Core increasing classroom focus on narrative nonfiction, research, and citing textual evidence, high quality, and high interest nonfiction is in high demand. From youth activists... (Continue reading)

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SHORT by Holly Goldberg Sloan Review

5Q 4P M J   Sloan, Holly Goldberg . Short. Dial/Penguin Random House, 2017. 304p. $16.99. 978-0-399-18621-9. Julia is the middle child in her family and so small she can crawl through the doggie door to get into her house.... (Continue reading)

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VOYA has updated our review guidelines, editorial philosophy, and resource lists for our reviewers and writers.  In response to reader comments and concerns about VOYA’s need to increase sensitivity toward LGBTQA+ readers, young adults, and communities, we have provided specific... (Continue reading)

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